The Piccadilly Theatre is built across three levels, with a capacity of 1,232 within the auditorium. Split over the Stalls, Royal Circle and Grand Circle, there is a seat to suit every budget and preference. Views differ throughout the theatre, with the best being reflected in the price of premium and top price tickets. Sometimes there will be a discounted seat which still offers an excellent view of the stage. It is worth doing some research before you book to make sure that your seats meet any particular requirements you might have.


The Stalls are the closest section to the stage and offer the best views in the theatre, with ticket prices to match. Whilst tickets for a Saturday night performance can be expensive, there are often cheaper tickets towards the back of the section and special offers that will enable you to sit near the front for less than usual. However the price is arguably worth it for an unobstructed view of the show that allows you to feel like you are really involved in the action! Legroom in this section is better than other sections, with aisle seats offering the best room.

Royal Circle

The Royal Circle is above the Stalls, with top price seats in the mid-front of the section. Views from here are excellent and often offer a better overview of the stage, rather than sitting in the Stalls. Tickets towards the mid-rear, as well as seats towards the ends of rows, will be marginally cheaper and will still offer a decent view. If you can get tickets for the seats near the front of the Royal Circle then you are guaranteed a view of the stage that will let you enjoy all of the performance, although these seats can be expensive, particularly at weekends.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is situated farthest away from the stage and is often the best section for discounted tickets. Although you may feel far from the stage in this section, there are still some good views on offer. Seats in the front few rows offer the best views of the stage, although there could be some restrictions from safety barriers. Overall, the bargain tickets for the show are likely to be found in the Grand Circle with a variety of prices depending on exactly where you sit. This makes it a great option for those on a tight budget, although due to the number of steps is not recommended for those who have difficulty walking.

Share Your Seating Tips

If you’ve already been to a show at the Piccadilly Theatre, we want to know your thoughts! Did you manage to land a bargain seat with a better than expected view, or splash out on top price tickets in the front row? Share your seating tips with other visitors to the theatre by using the comments box below!

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